really why? i had nothing crazy
Its fixed, seems as though your house was crashing the server, gwapy. xP
im stuck falling in the void when i log in ?!?!? help !
The server status hasnt even updated
Why is it down for so long...
You do not have access to shout
Welcome to Universal Builders!

Voteshop problem solved!

Digital [s-admin] posted Apr 8, 14
Voteshop Problem Solved

Hello everyone!
Our voteshop is now fully in use, with all of it open to everyone. The MK2/MK3 ranks have now been fixed and everything is up running smoothly. Thanks to our Senior Admin OP_Pwny :)! You can now spend your votepoints on MK2/MK3 use, which means you are able to use MK2/MK3 collectors and relays ingame. The rank MK2 costs 15 votepoints and the rank MK3 costs 30 votepoints. /warp voteshop for more information.

Voting will get you votepoints!
Lord Ethan [Admin] I was thinking about that idea
jeppe0701 Is is maybe possible to add more vote links, so we get higher on google and higher on all the tekkit server lists:) And ...

Build Comp

Emperatorius a[Owner] posted Apr 4, 14
Hello players of Universal-Builders! 

This months build comp theme, is Medieval!

The prizes are as follows: 1st - Dawn-Breaker
                                            2nd - Dark-Warrior
                                            3rd - Warrior

To get to the competition, type /warp comp! The competition will be judged at the end of the month!

Get building!


Emperatorius a[Owner] posted Apr 3, 14
Hello everyone,
From now on, all players will be able to obtain the prefix, -=[Voter]=-, just by ending up in the top 3 voters of the month! The prefix will be given at the end of each month, the first batch being given out the end of March. You will then be able to keep the prefix, until the next top 3 have arrived! Donators will also be able to gain the prefix too, as it will just be, -=[Voter-Master]=-, for example. You will be able to see who are the top voters at the left of the page as well! Make sure you checkout /warp voteshop to spend your vote points when you are in game too.
Get voting!


Emperatorius a[Owner] posted Mar 31, 14
Hello players of U-B!

I have decided to add a plug.dj community! For people who don't know what plug.dj is: 

"Join an existing community, or create your own community based around common interests and musical tastes. Put together the perfect playlist, make new friends, and then take turns playing music and videos with each other. Whoever DJs before you might inspire your next song, and you can discuss musical influences in our live chat. If you discover a new track that you like, you can ‘Woot!’ it to start dancing, or even grab it to add to your playlists. Pick an avatar that fits your personality, and you’re ready to make new friends and listen to music!"

To join our community, simply click here: > http://plug.dj/bgn/ <
Have fun!

-=Foxyy11=- ModeratorMaster Guys plug.dj is on 24/7 come and join us , take a look
b1gb4db0y MasterDawnBreak sound cool
MagikCupcakez TrialModMasterDawnBreak This is a lovely new idea!

MapChange & Banned items Update

BronyBooter a[Head-Admin]Master posted Mar 18, 14
After The chaos that went on yesterday we have decided to bring you a better UB than ever Including

RailCraft Unbanned In Full
Computercraft Bugs Fixed
Most dupe items unbanned & Patched
Wireless redstone is being patched as you read this
And Implementation of Autorank a Playtime based rank system for all to enjoy
Banned Players Have all been Unbanned!

If you have any questions ask any staff member ingame or leave a comment below

Thanks for your patience
~The Universal-Builders Staff Team
Ninjago_Jay If railcraft is unbanned then why can't i craft steel blocks? It's not to make things like tunnel bores i was going to u ...
Mine_for_stuff I have a problem. I can build nukes and they are unbanned. Apparently Railcraft is unbanned in full but I cannot craft C ...
Mine_for_stuff So are tunnel bores unbanned
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